Nothing can stand against the will and purposes of God for a man. Circumstances and situations may arise to challenge your faith and make you feel that you are behind time but there is no lateness with God. He makes all things beautiful in its own time. When God restores a man, He does not put Him where He was before but rather takes Him to where He ought to be. We read this in the story of Job and its called “divine acceleration”. The scripture recorded that His latter was even much greater than His beginning. What about Joseph? You might begin to wonder what a man with such big dreams and visions like Joseph is doing in the prison. But when his word came, the Lord did not only lift Him out of the PRISON, JOSEPH WAS ACCELERATED STRAIGHT INTO the palace. What about the Israelites? They were bound by their taskmaster (The Egyptians) for so many years but after crying out to God, the Bible recorded that they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth. A nation they were formally subjected to began to tremble at their FEET. *THEY WERE ACCELERATED FROM SLAVES TO MASTERS OVERNIGHT! Friends, it is true that with God, there can be no loss. He is the redeemer of lost times and seasons. So, as you walk into this new month, remind yourself that there can never be a limit to the counsel and purposes of God for Your life. Where you are does not define where you will be soonest. God is definitely about to accelerate you into your divine destiny just as He has promised, He will do and even exceed your expectations.


Eternal King, I thank You for all that You have done for me. You have brought me this far and under the shadow of Your wings have I found rest. Thank You the battles and victories won in the first half of the year. I am convinced of many more victories ahead. Blessed be Your name, my Lord, Redeemer and Friend.


I affirm that now is my time to enjoy fast forward in every good thing for by His word I have been exalted above the ordinary plane of life therefore there shall be no limit to my rising in Jesus name.

I declare restoration over every wasted time and season in my life. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I am divinely accelerated to where I ought to be in the name of Jesus.

I declare that I ride on eagle’s wing above the storms of life. The Lord is my anchor and my shield therefore I am well secured and preserved in Jesus name.


We declare that protocols are breaking on behalf of every member of Gracebreed Believers Assembly. We enjoy divine acceleration into God’s preordained purposes for our lives in Jesus name.

We declare that testimonies of divine lifting after the order of Joseph is common in Gracebreed. Nobodies are becoming stakeholders and decision makers in national and international industries, in Jesus name.

We affirm that Gracebreed Believers Assembly has entered into seasons of all-round rest and peace. Therefore, no man troubles us for we bear on us the mark of the Lord.


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