When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan. [Proverbs 29:2, ESV]

Righteousness is right standing with God. It starts and ends in the presence of God Almighty. It is the righteousness of God that qualifies a man for a life of dominion and supremacy in life, Yes! The good news is this; that because of Jesus Christ, all men now have the right to live righteously [John 1:14], operating in the glory that God had since preordained for us all.

The glorious bliss that is associated with the life of Christ, the righteous life, are all too exquisite to keep mute about. All of a sudden, because of this righteousness, no one has to be constrained to the mortal restraints of bondage and slavery that all men often fall into. In Christ is freedom, joy and contentment. Living righteously is not just a religious thing, it is a liberation thing. Why would anyone keep that to himself?

As a Christian, you have not just been called into this glorious life, you have also received the call to share this fruit, this gift with everyone you interact with. If it is God’s will, to give good gifts to all men, what gift is better than the gift of righteousness? Why wouldn’t you share it?

Righteousness is the standard of glory. Speak it, show it, teach it, enforce it, wherever you find yourself. Wipe the tears off weeping eyes and lift the burdens off weary backs. Be God’s ambassador of righteousness where ever you find yourself. You are more than just a believer, or a church goer, you are God’s agent of impact and change in your world, SHALOM!

I am the custodian of the saving power that unveils God’s righteousness, and through His word, I make known the unsearchable riches of His Kingdom. I declare that I am God’s light in the dark world, infused with the ability to turn men to righteousness. Hallelujah!

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