Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8, ESV).

The Believers in the book of Hebrews had come under serious persecutions for the faith which they professed in Jesus Christ. Many of them began to go back into the occultic and ungodly practices which they had once given up for the truth of the gospel because of the severity of the persecution which they experienced. The reality which surrounded them began to outweigh the revelation of the Word of God which they had received. Compromising the standards of the gospel was fast becoming the order of the day. It was in the centre of this that the letter to the Hebrews was written to the Believers.

The writer began to remind the believers of the fact that, it is not abnormal or unusual for the faith of the faithful to be tried by surrounding circumstances. In the same way, all through history, God has always shown up for those who consistently rely on Him. He is not a God who is best in times of peace or strongest in absolute comfort. His ability to save and to keep His own is not reduced by the seriousness of the circumstances of the believer, NO! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Hebrew Christians were being nudged to check their history and ask ‘what has been the fate of the people who put their trust in God in difficult times? [Hebrews 11:17-38]’ To us today, we need to ask ourselves, ‘has God ever come through for me in the past on any issue?’ Now, if He has shown Himself faithful before now, then you are to know that He is willing and able to do for you today, as He did for you and our fathers, in the past [Hebrews 13:8].

There is no point in getting riled up and worried by the circumstances that surround us [2 Kings 6:16]. God does not grow weaker with the passage of time. He is THE SAME. He is potent and unlimited. If you are in the centre of His will, then know that you are EXACTLY where you need to be for your breakthrough. Do not falter or fail. He is able, SHALOM!

Thank You Father for today. I live because You live Lord. You are my sufficiency and satisfaction. So help me Lord to abide strongly by the ordinances of Your Word. No matter what, I pray, do not let my faith fail as I walk and move daily. Because You are who You are, I grow stronger, bigger, richer, wiser and more successful with age, AMEN!

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