“God is not a man who lies or a son of man who changes His mind. Does He speak and not act, or promise and not fulfil?” [Numbers 23:19, HCSB]

To be faithful means to be accountable, to be committed to a chosen course, to show consistency in integrity no matter the cost. Now, as Christians, we serve a God who is alive, who listens and who responds to us when we call on Him, Hallelujah! All that is made even more glorious by the fact that our God is a Faithful God. Now, this faithfulness of God is the anchor of the Christian experience. It is the reason why we know that all things are working together for our good, it is the reason why we know that forevermore, we have all the advantage in this life as believers. The predictability of the faithfulness of God is where we find strength and confidence in life.

The Holy scriptures are a compendium of the dealings of the Almighty God with men, it is where we look into to find and discover the truth about the faithfulness of God.
It will interest us to ponder upon the fact that men like David, Samuel, Daniel, Abraham and Noah all lived upon the earth just like we all live today. They breathed the same Oxygen as we breathe and they trusted in the same God that we trust in today. These men were born into imperfect times; times of war, famine, immoralities, sin and slavery. They did not even have the scriptures in those days, to look upon and find the courage to live Godly lives. All they had was the voice of God concerning their lives and that is what they held unto (THE WORD OF GOD). When we monitor and study the outcome of their lives and we discover that truly, the Lord knows them that are His and He does all to ensure that they do not come to shame. Know this; those who trust in the Lord always find the Light and fulfilment in life, no matter the circumstance or times wherein they find themselves.
The Word to you today oh friend is that you “TRUST IN THE LORD WHOLEHEARTEDLY AND BELIEVE IN THE WORD THAT HE HAS SPOKEN CONCERNING YOUR LIFE”. No matter what it looks like, trusting in God is not a wasted effort. His thoughts and plans towards you are exceptional and glorious and they will reveal themselves in due time. Do not waver, do not faint, and do not lose courage. Know that God will do for you ALL that He has promised to do for and in your life, SHALOM!

Thank you Father for today. Dear Lord, I ask this day that you fill me with the grace and courage to live and exercise absolute faith in Your faithfulness in every circumstance. Lord, You are my confidence, because I trust in You oh Lord, I am relieved of every fear and doubt because I know that everything is working together for my good, AMEN!

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