For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. [Romans 8:19, KJV]

When we talk about royalty, it is so common for people to first of all consider the privileges and special treatment that is associated with royalty. You wouldn’t be wrong to think so, however, there is a reason for that.

A person of royal descent is one who bears the responsibility of the people within the kingdom. Where kings and Queens reign, they dictate acceptable conduct, right and wrong, basically everything that is meant to take place within their territories does so with their approval. The commoners live their lives while the royals live for the commoners. Their luxury is not without purpose. The abundance of duties attached to their reality, necessitates the wealth and care they recieve.

It is the same way with the Kingdom of God. Glory, honour, blessings are all good things and the desire of us all and rightly so, why shouldn’t they be? After all, we all are Kings and Priests unto our God. However, there is a reason beyond convenience and that is because it is our duty to legislate for the Kingdom of God, here on earth. You are rich because God needs you to be a shining light to the poor, strong because God has placed you here to help the weak, full of Wisdom so that you can guide and lead all men into truth and safety. Nothing is for nothing.

Note that you are not THE KING over the entire kingdom of God, you are a king in the kingdom on God. You rule on earth but you serve under Heaven. Your responsibility is to God’s people and you are expected to deliver.

God has given you a glorious call laced with the precious Grace of God but the question is this, do you know why and have you agreed to walk in the light of that calling? You have a responsibility to your world to see Jesus glorified therein, see to it that all is done that needs to be done in the name of Jesus, God is counting on you, Shalom!

Father, I thank You for this day. I acknowledge that I am royalty, born of Your Spirit and into Your Kingdom. I accept the responsibility laid upon me by my status of sonship in You. Help me to rise daily to my kingdom responsibilities. Help me reign with righteousness, wisdom and Grace. Help me Lord so I can make You proud in all that I do in my world. Amen!

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