In this manner, therefore, pray:…Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. [Matthew 6:9-10 NKJV]

In the days of Adam, days that preceded the fall of man, earth was established as an extension of Heaven. Just as the Heaven is the territory of God, so was the earth also. The earth was however handed over to man to be its keeper however, there was a standing order, that the earth would be an extension of Heaven. The fall of man signified the failure of man to maintain his God given mandate of keeping the earth. Legally, darkness ruled and all was handed over to the enemy [Luke 4:6].

In our text, it was made obvious, the fact that God still wants man on earth to live life as though He is in Heaven. God desires a relationship with mankind. God aches when even a single soul is lost and Heaven rejoices when even one is found [Luke 15:7]. Prayer is very key however, it is not all that you can do.

The question to ask is this, how can I be instrumental in bringing the deepest Joy to the heart of my Heavenly Father? What can I do to fulfil the Kingdom mandate in my generation? The answer is simple and direct; PREACH THE GOSPEL TO ALL CREATION [Matthew 28:19]. Use every resource at your disposal to preach: Your job, all of social media, your decisions, your finances and if you must, Use Words!

God’s influence will be established over all of the earth and God needs YOU to help out, SHALOM!

I am God’s Grace Ambassador. I declare that I am passionate about the things of God. The concerns of God are becoming my daily concerns. I am aware of my mandate to affect lives and impart them with the love of God. I do so with all that I am and all that I have. I have strength, wisdom, understanding and all that I need to minister the gospel, Hallelujah!

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