“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” [Psalm 118:24, NKJV]

Oh yes! There are no disadvantages in the days of the believer. This is one of the eternal joys of knowing the Love of God: it is knowing that each day is the creation of your own Father, and that He has made it for your benefit. As a Father gifts his child Good things to make him/her excited, so the Lord carefully crafts each day, loading them with goodness, favours and grace for His children.

As a child, all you want to do instinctively is to hoard and to keep whatever you love because the more you have to yourself, the happier you are. However, as an adult, you realise that true joy and satisfaction comes from sharing precious moments and events with loved ones [1 Corinthians 13:11]. The beauty of this faith (Christianity) is the family in it. The friends you make, having the confidence that you have a relationship that will transcend even life here on earth, the beauty of sharing an eternal destiny with true brothers and sisters. This is why it is said in scripture that “he that wins a soul is wise” [Proverbs 11:30].

There is certainty, beauty, unity, friendship and family bound in true love in Christianity. Why would anyone want to keep this treasure to themselves? WIN SOULS, help the needy, introduce them to this love you have, make friends in Christ. Do not keep silent about the love of God. The creation is desperate to be released from the burden of sin and separation from God and you have the ability to set them free. God and man is counting on you to spread the goodness to all, YOU WILL NOT FAIL, SHALOM!

Thank You Lord for today. I recieve this day, the assurance of a fruitful day, the satisfaction of the presence of God with me always and the fulfilment of God’s Word in my life. I choose therefore to share this blessedness with all men. As I go out, I speak of God’s goodness to all and I declare that all who I address, hear me attentively and are transformed to the Glory of God, AMEN!

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