One of the most fundamental principles of the physical world is the principle of times and seasons. Genesis  8:22 says: “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”.Times and seasons basically influence everything that has to do with our lives. Times and seasons determine how you play your role on the earth, and also live your best life. Seasons may come in different forms, a season can be a period of plenty or famine, mourning or rejoicing, testing or rewarding, abundance or scarcity. (Genesis 41:29- 31).

As believers, we must be able to discern the particular season that we are in and work accordingly. As much as God gives us seasons of abundance and rejoicing, He also gives us seasons of waiting, trials and temptations to build up our faith and virtue. The guidance of the Holy Spirit, prayer and studying the Word of God, all help in revealing the season we are per time to us. When we go through tough times we must take advantage of the period to grow our faith, knowing that it is just for a season. Also, we must be sensitive in our spirit, to recognize our seasons of plenty and rejoicing, so that we may take advantage of them by confessing the Word over our lives and making guided decisions by the Holy Spirit.

Every generous act and perfect gift from above also represents a season and happens at a specific time, for there is a season for everything(Ecclesiastes 1:3-8). God loves us so much and His promises never come short or fail, therefore, His seasons of good and fat things will surely come to pass no matter the wait (Isaiah 25:6). God has made His promises to us in His Word and we must hold on to these promises in faith. Different seasons shall pass by, but surely as the sun rises, the promises of God will be fulfilled in our lives. SHALOM!


Thank you Father for this is my season of the feast of fat things. As I confess Your abundance over my life today, I step into times of unprecedented favour and increase, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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