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Greetings PD. Honestly sir, you’re called for such a time as this and thank God our paths crossed. Within the last 3-4 years of my 16 years on the job, there were attacks and temptations & I lost the job. But I want to thank God because restoration has taken place in my life and I am fully an instrument in the hand of the Lord. We have now moved into our own house; My children’s school said I can pay the tuition whenever I am ready. This is the first time anyone is enjoying this class of favour from them; My wife got a new job, better than her previous place where salaries were always delayed. Of a truth, God has shown us His mercies, favour and love during our times of trial. Thank you PD, more grace upon your life. This is our own testimony, many more are on the way coming. Shalom.

LORY TO GOD, The month of December and the beginning of January is indeed truly our month of FAST FORWARD.. GOD IS INDEED MORE THAN AWESOME… God bless PD immensely. I have received catalogues of testimonies.

GLORY TO GOD, I miraculously got connected to a south African client. I have just been paid a deposit of 200k to register a Nigerian com


I will be ungrateful if I didn’t share my testimony, God has really been faithful to me despite all I went through, God kept showing up for me. From a jobless housewife to a manager of an organization and then quitting the job because was too tedious. I gave up on myself and thought God was tired of my inconsistencies with everything, but God didn’t give up on me.

Praise God!! I have another job, my kind of job, thank You Abba father. I have come to return all glory to God for counting me among those testifying for the sixty days of transformation. Ω

Good Morning PD,

God has been faithful.

I have always prayed to have properties all over the world and think it’s happening gradually.

I acquired land behind Dunamis and also another in Lagos.

A major goal for the year has been accomplished.

Before the end of this year, I MUST BUY A HOUSE and God Bless me with an understanding and supportive husband that I will be a blessing.

God Bless you for pushing me to pray.

My prayer life has changed tremendously. Like I pray 24/7 and even in the dream😃.

It was designed that I come under your roof to grow.

God will bless you and your household.

GLORY TO GOD, I miraculously got connected to a south African client. I have just been paid a deposit of 200k to register a Nigerian com

Good Afternoon PD (sir).
A lot has really happed in my life since I joined Gracebreed. Have got tremendous testimonies but have kept them on a low and thank God in secret. Sir if I don’t share this one God will punish me.. Several testimonies have hit me during the 60days of transformation. I recalled you said during a prayer section you said ”name one thing the lord goon do for you, and you consider the rest of the year productive.. Yeah, I got that.

Now the testimony.. I was going home this morning, entered a Keke, mistakenly I forgot my phone inside.. Bhamm! Mins later I came down I observed I had lost my phone. I started calling.. Nobody was picking. I entered with a dude whose eyes were not too clear. My heart was pouncing. I called and called and called no one was picking up. I quickly took a cab to the pack I entered from n reported to the chairman of the pack. He said if the Keke man sees it he’s goon return it. Buh if a passenger shd see it that the phone is a gone. My heart sank. In midst of my troubled mind, I remembered Shadrach’s testimony when he forgot his laptop in a Keke too. I just said lord repeat this testimony. Sir the testimony is. It is not the Keke driver I entered his Keke that saw the phone. It is another Keke driver who noticed the phone ringing in his Keke. Went to meet the Keke guy and asked if he forgot anything in his keke the guy said no. He now said in his mind that it was not his phone. So he picked up the phone, while the Keke guy went to eat in a restaurant.

I already called with several numbers Sir.. The last one I called with he picked and I begged n told him it was my phone he was holding. I was still @ the park. He came hours later n return the phone..

Sir the amazing testimonies is
1. How God covered the eyes of the passenger that was inside the keke he didn’t see the phone

2. The Keke man I entered his Keke din’t know I left my phone inside his Keke.

3. I called several numbers of times. The phone was ringing nobody heard sir. The phone was not on vibration. I mean it was ringing very loud. In a busy place, nobody heard.

4. It was another Keke driver who brought the phone to me.

Sir, it is not about the phone. The content I have on my phone is so huge and that was my pain.

Indeed God of Gracebreed is amazing and I return all Glory to God.

GLORY TO GOD! I thought I was not going to testify in this season of Transformation because it was almost coming to an end, but God proved me wrong.

I got a salary increase this month, and I believe God that more testimonies are coming. I’m super excited. Hallelujah!

PD’s Testimony made me personally come back to God under Christianity. I was once on the verge of not believing in Christianity, and the people in Great Blessing School can attest to this. I was forced to be attending their chapel, I argued almost everything in the Old Testament with proofs, apart from the blessings and promises(I read some books though).

When I came to GRACEBREED, GOD personally met me, they’re some things that I’ve experienced that I can’t explain yet. The most common is speaking in tongues. I actually received it when I was still at Great Blessing on one of those afternoons when I isolated myself to pray after coming back from GRACEBREED. I couldn’t explain what happened, one of those days I prayed for two hours without knowing. This is God, Hallelujah!

Coming to GRACEBREED was never a coincidence. It was indeed orchestrated by God. They’re things I know personally that will happen in GRACEBREED in the future, great and mighty things that I can’t explain, I’ve been convinced by the Holy Spirit and I know them.


GLORY TO GOD The Lord has given me and my family victory over the spirit of death. My Mum and Nephew were delivered from the arrow of death. Both of them are now in good health and are doing great.