Pastor David Muhammed is the Lead Steward of GRACEBREED BELIEVERS ASSEMBLY, Abuja, a non-denominational Church founded by the leading of the Holy Spirit in 2019, with a God given mandate to 'raise balanced believers '.

Pastor David Muhammed has a unique background as a practicing legal practitioner and a former Muslim. He has a compelling personal story of faith, having been raised as a Muslim before converting to Christianity.

 He brings his diverse experiences and insights to his preaching and teaching, helping people connect with God and others in a relevant and meaningful way. 

Pastor David is a servant leader who is passionate about creating an environment where all are welcome and valued, and where the love of Christ is evident in all aspects of the church’s life.

Pastor David is happily married to Olusola, a lawyer, a chartered secretary, an insurance professional and minister of the gospel and they both have three beautiful children and understand the challenges of balancing family life with ministry and career. Pastor David 
is committed to helping families thrive and supporting them in their journey of faith.