Praise Report

Praise Report


On Sunday 13th August, 2023 at about 9pm, an arm robber came into my apartment seeking for me but my son was the only one at home.So he held my son's ear threatening him but my son screamed out loud and immediately the arm robber took my sister's phone and ran away.

I've come to thank God for not allowing my son to be hurt.
Glory be to God

Sis Idongesit


On Monday 14th August, 2023, I was driving to work and suddenly my brake failed and the accelerator was pressed down.My car was speeding uncountrollably without brake or the accelerator responding, how I was able to put it to neutral and eventually bring it to a halt is still a miracle. To God alone be praised that the story is different today

Bro. James


I want to thank God for PD's teachings, because I have learnt a lot from it. Few years back, I had a fire accident and lost my house and all the property in it but with the mercies of God, I was able to rebuild.

To the glory of God, two days back, I just bought another land, a flat land and in a nice location. God has been faithful to me in all areas of my life and I have come to return all praise to him

Bro T.


For sometime now, I have been having partial blindness due to an object that entered my eyes. I even bought glasses but it seemed like the whole thing got worst
During the sermon today as the anointing oil was going round, I was led to apply some into my eyes, I got my healing instantly and I could see clearly just the way I used to

I return all the glory for this miraculous healing, may His name be praised forever more

Bro Simon


I engaged in a dry fasting with an expectant heart and all through the day I had peace and was filled with happiness constantly hearing sweet melodies. In closing my fasting with midnight prayers I had an encounter where Jesus revealed His face to me, I saw him where he bowed his head on the Cross of Calvary with blood gushing out from his head and immediately I screamed because His presence was so much on me. Immediately, He said the following to me:

1. I wil show mercy on whom I want to show mercy on
2. I am the living waster and whoever that drinks of me will never taste again
3. I am the vine and you are the branches, abide in me and I will abide in you
4. I and my Father are one for no one comes to the Father except through me

Indeed God is ever ready to reveal Himself to us whenever we seek His face and call upon Him. Thank you Jesus.

Sis. Precious.

Bro S.S. (Russia)

Before coming to Gracebreed I have always known that I am special as I could see things that others couldn't see at first glance and also the ability to solve complicated issues effortlessly, but I have always been struggling with self doubt which led to lack of self confidence, always wondering if I was ever good enough. 

Coming to Gracebreed was a game changer for me starting with the spiritual nourishment and Godly counsel from PD, I also found a place I can call home among brethren, my self confidence was restored, knowing that I deserve all the good things life has to offer.

I just want to thank God for using PD as a source of inspiration to me not just with the sermon alone or his own story nor the numerous wise counsel but also the way he lives his life. My choir leader has also been a great friend, always there for me. Thank God for making PD my pastor and also a father figure which I never really had. I am forever grateful.

Gracebreed is truly a place to be. Glory to God

Brother P

Greetings PD. Honestly sir, you’re called for such a time as this and thank God our paths crossed. Within the last 3-4 years of my 16 years on the job, there were attacks and temptations & I lost the job. But I want to thank God because restoration has taken place in my life and I am fully an instrument in the hand of the Lord. We have now moved into our own house; My children’s school said I can pay the tuition whenever I am ready. This is the first time anyone is enjoying this class of favour from them; My wife got a new job, better than her previous place where salaries were always delayed. Of a truth, God has shown us His mercies, favour and love during our times of trial. Thank you PD, more grace upon your life. This is our own testimony, many more are on the way coming. Shalom.

If you live in ABUJA or its surrounding areas, GRACEBREED just might be the place for you. My wife, OLUSOLA, and I, along with the entire GRACEBREED Team are looking forward to meeting you at GRACEBREED.

Pastor David Muhammed

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