Your Marriage and Your Destiny



It is important to note, especially as a believer, that the person you decide to marry can affect your life and destiny. This means that who you get married to can affect God’s purpose for your life, positively or negatively.


Marriage simply means who you decide to get married to, and spend the rest of your life with.

Your destiny is God’s purpose for your life, your God given dreams and aspirations.

Marital destiny simply implies that the major thing/person that will affect your God’s plan for you is your spouse. That means, your marriage can either build you up to fulfill God’s plan, or break you down and limit you from doing so.

Early in life, I was advised to share my testimonies, but never my struggles. Now, I realize that most married people live by this idea, giving the impression that marriage has no struggles.

Unfortunately though, putting up a perfect family photo, having a fairytale wedding, or even making statements like “fifteen beautiful, perfect years together” does not equate to having a perfect marriage.

As much as it is enjoyable and blissful, in marriage, there will be some enduring seasons. Septh Peck began his book by saying “life is difficult”. Many couples may attempt to avoid this fact, but it remains fact. However, having marriage the godly way makes it less complicated.

The question is: 
How can sufferings in marriage be avoided?
➢ How can the enduring seasons be managed?
➢ How can I build a mutually fulfilling marriage?

Laws and principles sustain life, and there are consequences for breaking life principles. This applies to marriage: God founded marriage upon the laws of His Word (Genesis 2:24-25). If these principles are violated before or after marriage, it will lead to consequences. But if done God’s way, marriage can be absolutely fulfilling.These biblical principles can help couples to have a fulfilling marriage:


1. LEAVE: (Genesis 2:24-25). You must prioritize the life you now have with your spouse. Without hatred or hostility to your extended family and friends, establish that your spouse comes first.

Also note: ‘legitimate jealousy’ is absolutely allowed. This usually comes to play when a person has a new kid or a new marriage (newly weds). It is a natural feeling to want to protect your marriage. Exodus 34:4: “for you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God”.

You can prioritize your marriage by proving that it is your priority, through your actions as well as your w